Experts in Hubbard Administrative Technology


ADVISORS are small business owners like yourself, in many cases retired or semi-retired, trained a specific and very effective management system that is very easy to learn and one could say is based on common sense. They are on our staff to help, coach and consult you and your business in an effort to help you reach your full potential.

Ana Bermudez

Specialties:  Small and minority businesses, strategic planning, marketing

Ana is the CEO of a marketing agency in the Miami area, which amongst other things promotes US business abroad to bring more investment to the US and assists investors and top executives from Europe and South America to set up business here. 

She has over 25 years of experience doing strategic planning for new companies that want to sell their services and products in the US and has helped over 170 companies to successfully transfer their top executives to start doing business in this country. 

Tom Mitchell

Specialties: Small business.  Strategic planning, hiring and team building, statistical management, organization.

Tom is an Air Force veteran and a certified and accomplished business consultant and corporate trainer with years of experience in helping a wide variety of businesses.  One of the most experienced on the team, Tom also helps with the training other members of our board.  His particular skills in hiring and team building have made him one of our most requested advisors.

Kira Gekht DDS

Specialties: Health care professionals, dentists

Kira emigrated to the US from the Ukraine, earned herself a dental degree, and built a multi-million-dollar dental clinic from scratch in less than 10 years.  Over her career her emphasis with her patients has not only been great healthcare but education and giving back to the community. Her next game is passing on her hard-earned knowledge to other like-minded healthcare professionals.

Ja'son Manwill

Specialties: Small business and entertainment.  Speaker training

Ja’son has traveled to 3 continents with the top trainers on the planet, sharing with business owners principles for success that his mentors taught him.

Combined with his skills as a public speaking coach, he has helped his clients triple their back of the room sales (as much as 1.1 million dollars from the stage in 45 minutes), take more time off with their families, and maximize their business and impact on their communities.

Christie Love-Williams

Specialties: Small and Minority businesses, public relations, leadership, speaker training

Christie an award-winning public speaker and trainer and has delivered keynote speeches and workshops to businesses of all sizes as well as non-profits and universities.  She hosts her own TV show on Win Win Women and has several popular podcasts. Her specialty is improving success and prosperity through improving communication within the organization, with their client base and the community around them.

Juliet Marvenko, DC

Specialties: Healthcare professionals, business transition

In addition to her degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic, Juliet has earned a degree in Business Management as well as certification as a business consultant.  She has employed these skills to found and expand multiple Chiropractic clinics and weight loss centers. 

Juliet has successfully apprenticed hundreds of staff and numerous Doctors in learning the skills to boom their business and transition to new owners.  Additionally, she was Executive Director for her city’s Business Chamber to assist small business owners through education, networking, and marketing of their businesses.

Robert Schwartz

Specialties: Small business, Personal Development

Robert built a retail business of over 1,000 stores and 2,000 employees before he turned his hand to executive coaching, for which he is now known throughout the US and abroad.  His clients range from famous models and sport celebrities a Canadian “Businessman of the Year”.  While extremely competent helping clients with business, his passion is helping them tackle the personal barriers to their success.

Anita Shefts

Specialties:  Small business.  Hiring and team building, problem solving, accounts receivable, accounts payable, sales and promotion, business transition

Anita’s experience ranges from management positions in the hotel industry to building and managing a very successful chiropractic office which she also successfully sold.  As can be seen from her “specialties” there is little that happens in a small business that she does not have experience with and cannot handle, including getting a business sold and turned over.

Kurtis Kintzel

Specialties: Lead Generation & Marketing

Kurtis is a published author and has consulted Fortune 500 companies, such as Hearst Corporation (Cosmopolitan Magazine, 30+ TV Stations), Bloomin Brands (Outback Steakhouse, Bonefish Grill), Amazon, etc. He has started and expanded businesses that have produced millions of customers. Kurtis is the Founder of the County Advisory Board and the Executive Training Center.

Cynthia Morgan, CPA

Specialties:  Small business.  Accounting, financial systems and financial planning

Cynthia is not an ordinary accountant, as she built her very successful accounting practice by emphasizing that her clients gain knowledge and learn the financial systems she tailors for them and that these systems fit their needs.  With that knowledge comes control of their finances and the potential to achieve their goals as business owners.

Mimi Kintzel

Mimi is trained and experienced in public relations. Prior to launching her own entertainment business, she was a senior executive for EA Sports (Madden Video Game) and a logistics professional for one of the largest trucking companies in Chicago.

Mimi is now the President of a booming internet marketing company and available as one of our Boom Consultants.

Nola Aronson

Specialties:  Small business, sales, team building, PR and community relations

Nola retired from building a multi-million-dollar audiology practice in a relatively small town, becoming recognized there by her Chamber of Commerce and other business associations as “best small business” and being named to “topmost influential people” by her local newspaper.  Well-known to her city, state and federal representatives, she is a leader in her community holding board positions in the local Boys and Girls Club, The Circle of Hope and the Valley Industry Association.

Judy Nagengast

Specialties:  Small business.  Women in business, business rescue, business start-up

Judy has started more than a dozen businesses, including one listed as one of the top five largest woman-owned businesses in Indiana and being named Entrepreneur of the Year, the SBA Small Businessperson of the Year from the State of Indiana and induction into the Madison County Business Hall of Fame.  

For her work encouraging and promoting women in business, she received the Athena Award from the Anderson & Madison County Chamber of Commerce. Due to her successful track record as an entrepreneur, in 2003, Judy was asked to be the Interim Director for the Flagship Enterprise Center, Anderson’s new business incubator, during its launch phase.


The business owner is ultimately responsible for the success of the business and the well-being of its staff. You can have a competent team that turns your vision into reality while achieving survival, expansion and stability. This is accomplished by training your executives.