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Train at the Executive Training Center 

  • $400/month for 20 Training Periods
  • Control your job, business
  • Become bullet proof – get trained!
  • Own a biz? Train your executives
  • You choose your training program(s)
  • On-location seminars & instant training courses available
  • “Boot Camp” training available 


We’re hiring! 

  • Work for a good cause
  • HR, Operations, Trainer, Sales  
  • Staff are trained as executives
  • Wages start at $20/hour
  • Time-flexible, commission based positions available


Earn commissions while helping others! 

  • Offer solutions to friends, associates
  • Promote & sell Memberships
  • Refer potential students, companies
  • Recommend potential employees
  • Earn a 10% Referral Fee


Be a Business Consultant!

  • Help businesses expand!
  • Get trained & licensed
  • Earn a 6 figure, full-time income
  • Earn residual commissions
  • Work when & if you choose


Is introducing people to LRH based admin tech important to you?


Help create a better future by investing in human optimization!


  • Have a say!
  • Help local businesses prosper!
  • Join a group or buy the entire existing ETC!
  • Establish a new Executive Training Center in your County!
  • Full Training Available!
  • Own your own Consulting Firm!

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