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“When first training on this technology as an executive at a large insurance company, I referred to it as Management by Statistics because all staff had a statistical graph that measured and published their personal weekly production.

Decisions, strategies, rewards, etc. were based on proven and visible results, which was not taught at my Big 10 university’s business school. I recall the relief when realizing I only had to be a top producer to be promoted and bonused… no more buying the boss coffee.” KK


The Executive Training Center offers executive training on organization, sales, human resources, statistical management, productivity, etc. based on the written works of Mr. L. Ron Hubbard.

Per Mr. Hubbard, “It is not Man’s dreams that fail him, It is the lack of know-how required to bring those dreams into actuality.”   

Mr. Hubbard spent more than three decades developing and codifying the administrative policies by which organizations function. All provide businesspeople with solutions to productivity and prosperity, which raise the quality of life and inject a higher degree of sanity into as many lives as possible.

All of these policies, more than 2,500 of them, were issued in the encyclopedic volumes of the Organization Executive Course and the Management Series set. These policies are derived from the fundamental laws governing all human behavior and form a body of knowledge and technology upon which the training programs offered and available at the Executive Training Center are based.

Today, L. Ron Hubbard’s management principles have reached more than 140,000 companies in 75+ countries.

Moving to Saint Hill Manor in the southern English county of Sussex in the early 1960s, Mr. Hubbard set about researching organizational and management principles and techniques. Poring through volume after volume of business texts he soon came to realize that no uniformly workable technology of organizations existed. While there were many successful activities, there was little in the way of proven techniques and principles which could be applied uniformly to all organizations.

Mr. Hubbard  developed precise techniques to successfully start, run and manage a business of any size. He then made this technology available to businesses worldwide so long as the training is done by authorized business consultants and training organizations through licensing arrangements. 

There are only two tests of a life well lived L. Ron Hubbard once remarked: Did one do as one intended? And were people glad one lived? In testament to the first stands the full body of his life’s work, including the more than 12,000 writings and 3,000 tape-recorded lectures covering, among others, the subjects of philosophy, administration, art, education, drug rehabilitation, literacy, the mind and spirit.

In evidence of the second are the hundreds of millions of individuals whose lives have been demonstrably bettered because he lived. They are the more than 28 million students now reading superlatively because of L. Ron Hubbard’s educational discoveries; they are the millions of men and women freed from substance abuse through L. Ron Hubbard’s breakthroughs in drug rehabilitation; they are the near 100 million who have been touched by his nonreligious moral code, The Way to Happiness; and they are the many millions more who hold his work to be the spiritual cornerstone of their lives.


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The business owner is ultimately responsible for the success of the business and the well-being of its staff. You can have a competent team that turns your vision into reality while achieving survival, expansion and stability. This is accomplished by training your executives.