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Becoming the best executive starts with knowledge.

The Executive Training Center Academy is open in Chicago (Arlington Heights) and Tampa (Clearwater) for students to come in and train at their own pace on chosen courses.

You can purchase individual courses or become a Member and train on all courses as often as you like for $400 per month + the cost of materials. Would you like to train your staff? Inquiry abut our quantity discounts.


Train yourself and your staff at the Executive Training Center 

  • $400/month for up to 20 Training Periods Monthly
  • Own a biz? Use an Executive Training Center to train your executives
  • You design and choose your training program(s)
  • On-location seminars & instant training courses available
  • “Boot Camp” training available 


Handling the Ups and Downs in Life Course

Why is it that one day you’re on top of the world and next day it’s the blues? What are the influences that cause these mood shifts and swings?

This course remedies the influences which can make a person a source of trouble to himself and others. It shows one how to recognize why things go wrong and how to become a real asset to a company. And live a happier and more productive life.

Personal Values and Integrity Course

When a person loses his integrity he has lost everything. The effects ripple out across his life, his performance at work, his relations with others. This course restores the ability to stand up for what one knows to be true and gives one the chance to achieve true happiness. 

Formulas for Business Success Course

Learn how to pull yourself out of any undesirable business condition and rise to a new level of growth. Whether badly failing or just remaining the same, such operating states can always be improved, if the exact procedures are applied. Take the guesswork out of managing or running a business; use the formulas for business success. 

Management By Statistics Course

Statistics are often used in business to review what has occurred, what has been produced; however, their true value lies in predicting the future and giving one control of one’s own job or business. Learn how to use trends to monitor and predict, and know what actions to take. Be in control, creating future trends and making your success. 

Ethics for Business Survival Course

There are ways to help a person become honest and ethical, to balance out the different areas of one’s life. Here is business ethics as a vital subject anyone can apply. Learn how to understand ethics and survive better on the job and in life. 

Executive Basics Course

Distilled to the key essentials, this course covers what constitutes a good executive; how to name, want and get your products; the qualities of leadership and other key fundamentals. Just like any other skilled position, being an executive has basic duties and functions — they’re all covered here. 

How to Get Along With Others Course

This course educates students in the basics of affinity, reality and communication – the thorough application of which dramatically raises the tone and productivity of any company.

How to Effectively Handle Work Course

Based on the book The Problems of Work, this course isolates common on-the-job problems and provides methods for anyone to regain their enthusiasm for work. Fully illustrated and packed with numerous drills and practical exercises, this course is a must for any employee training program. Use it to increase personal and employee productivity. 

How to Evaluate and Predict Human Behavior Course

We deal with people every day. We depend on some, we take risks with others. How does one decide who can be trusted? This training course details the key principles from L. Ron Hubbard’s bible of human behavior, Science of Survival and coupled with numerous illustrations, practical exercises and drills, it hones your ability to evaluate people. 

Effective Leadership Course

This course covers exactly what leadership qualities are and what it means to be in a position of power, or even a deputy or secretary

close to a position of power. This is a must for all executives, and vital information for anyone who would work with a leader. Do this course and learn true leadership skills. 

How to Organize a Company Course

Setting up a business or organization so it produces what you want, without complexity or waste of resource is simple when you understand the components of organization. With a grasp of these principles, you can organize any activity. This course covers the laws of organization; here is how to take a product and evolve its production line; here is how to streamline and increase the productivity of any organization. 

How to Write Effective Company Policy Course

What is policy and what can it do for your company? How much policy is needed? When does policy become red tape? How does one write policy which will be effective and will be followed? The answers are in this training course. 

How to Get Things Done Course

Through a series of 22 drills, this course shows you how to get things done in your company or in your career. It covers how to overcome the procrastinations of others, how to get a group to comply with your directions, and more. Here are tools no executive, manager or supervisor should leave home without. 

How to Increase Efficiency in Your Company Course

What do you do when work piles up faster than you can complete it? When you find yourself doing the work of others? When, despite having a “busy” day, little has been accomplished? The secrets of efficiency

and productivity are all here. Study this course and include it in your employee training program. 

How to Make Planning Become an Actuality Course

Production lines, employees, raw materials, all coordinate around a plan. Successful administration of an organization has exact steps; to omit one is to court disaster. This training course shows how to make dreams a reality, how to materialize your business plan. Here are the fundamentals of project management; here are the missing ingredients you’ve always wondered about.

How to Increase Profits Through Proper Financial Planning

Does money leave your office as fast as it comes in? This training course provides exact techniques on how to do proper financial planning, how to get out of debt and stay there, as well as how to maintain good credit standing and build up reserves. Application of the knowledge in this course literally locks a business in on track for financial independence and prosperity. 

Marketing Professionals Course

The marketing of a product does not simply concern the sale of a product, it deals with every aspect from the conception of a product right on through to its packaging, promotion and delivery and use in the public hands. This training course covers all the basics of marketing, providing you the guiding principles to steer all your research, marketing, advertising, sales promotion and distribution actions. 

Public Relations Course

Good public relations (PR) is vital to the expansion of any activity. With a real understanding of PR, a business will expand even in hard economic times. Public Relations precede all marketing actions. Invest wisely – learn the technology of Public Relations. 

Marketing and Public Relations Surveys Course

Without surveys, how does one know what customers and potential customers really want? All your public relations and marketing actions should be built on surveys. Find out how to do them and learn L.

Ron Hubbard’s incredible breakthroughs on how emotional response monitors all survey results and all campaigns. 


The business owner is ultimately responsible for the success of the business and the well-being of its staff. You can have a competent team that turns your vision into reality while achieving survival, expansion and stability. This is accomplished by training your executives.