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Train on one subject until its totally mastered and you are fully competent.


Maximum Productivity Program

Know – Control – Thrive!

Includes 4 Courses:

  • Handling the Ups and Downs in Life
  • Formulas for Business Success
  • Management by Statistics
  • Executive Basics 

Handling the Ups and Downs in Life

Why is it that one day you’re on top of the world and next day it’s the blues? What are the influences that cause these mood shifts and swings? This course remedies the influences which can make a person a source of trouble to himself and others. It shows one how to recognize why things go wrong and how to become a real asset to a company. And live a happier and more productive life.

Formulas for Business Success

Learn how to pull yourself out of any undesirable business condition and rise to a new level of growth. Whether badly failing or just remaining the same, such operating states can always be improved, if the exact procedures are applied. Take the guesswork out of managing or running a business; use the formulas for business success.

Management By Statistics

Statistics are often used in business to review what has occurred, what has been produced; however, their true value lies in predicting the future and giving one control of one’s own job or business. Learn how to use trends to monitor and predict, and know what actions to take. Be in control, creating future trends and making your success

Executive Basics

Distilled to the key essentials, this course covers what constitutes a good executive; how to name, want and get your products; the qualities of leadership and other key fundamentals. Just like any other skilled position, being an executive has basic duties and functions — they’re all covered here.


  • $1975
  • Or, do any course(s) as a Member. Membership is $400/month + minimal costs to cover study materials.


Flourish & Prosper Program

Be Better Able to Survive Any Economy!

Includes 5 Courses:

  • How to Flourish and Prosper
  • How to Survive in Any Economy
  • Following Your Basic Purpose
  • Creating the Life You Want
  • The Trap of “Do It the Easy Way

Master Marketing & Sales Program

Close Everyone, Including the Whales & Elephants!


Includes 4 Training Courses:

  • Master Closers Course
  • Market Research Made Easy
  • Professional Public Relations, How to be Seen, Heard & Loved
  • Total Marketing Mastery

Master Art of Income Control Program

A Team that Can Expand Income & Reserves to Any Level Desired!

Includes 5 Courses:

  • Going Up in a Down Economy
  • Management by Statistics
  • Formulas for Business Success
  • How to Increase Efficiency in Your Company
  • How to Increase Profits Through Proper Financial Planning

Efficiency & Leadership Program

Create Company Leaders That Make Your Life Easier

Includes 10 Courses:

  • Admin Scale Workshop
  • Emotions in the Workplace Workshop
  • How to Effectively Handle Work
  • How to Get Things Done
  • Executive Basics
  • Executive Leadership
  • Emotions in the Workplace Workshop
  • Effective Leadership
  • Basic Organization
  • How to Write Effective Company Policy

Ethical Team Building Program

Create an Ethical Dream Team That Can Easily Obtain Your Goals & Dreams!

Includes 7 Courses:

  • Improving Business Through Communication
  • How to Get Along With Others
  • Ups & Downs in Life
  • Personal Values & Integrity
  • Ethics for Business Survival
  • How to Get Along With Others
  • How to Evaluate and Predict Human Behavior

Maximum Efficiency Program 

Increased Abilities to Effectively Work Stress Free

Includes 5 Courses:

  • The Power of Words
  • Affinity Reality and Communication
  • The Secret of Efficiency
  • Overcoming the Stresses and Strains of Life
  • Increasing Your Ability to Effectively Work

Administrative Competence Program

Gain the Ability to easily spot and remove ALL the Barriers to your Dreams!

Includes 4 Courses:

  • How to Plan and Attain Your Goals
  • Overcoming the Stresses of Work and Life
  • The Cures to 15 Administrative Nightmares that Could Cost You Your Power and Prosperity
  • Intro to Financial Success

Fundamentals of Sales Program

Be Able to Consistently Produce High Volumes of Sales!

Includes 5 Courses:

  • Keys to Success
  • Closing Techniques
  • Using Features and Benefits to Sell
  • Sources of Sales Failure
  • The Primary Law of Personal Success

The Buck Stops Here Program 

Achieve Your Business Goals & Easily Control, Run & Operate Your Business With Minimal Effort from a Distance…

Includes 4 Upper Level Courses:

  • Winning in the Game of Life |
  • CEO Course Level 1
  • CEO Course Level 2
  • CEO Course Level 3

Stellar Knowledge Acquisition Program

Become Able to Study & Apply Anything!

Includes 4 Courses:

  • The Power of Words
  • Study Skills for Life
  • Learning How to Learn for Teens and Adults
  • Basic Study Manual

Financial Stabilization Program

Become Able, with Stability, to Confidently Grow Income & Reserves!

Includes 7 Courses:

  • Financial Planning Made Easy
  • Improving Your Standard of Living
  • The Inner Game of Money
  • How to Forward Your Group’s Basic Purpose
  • How to Create and Plan Your Future
  • How to Execute Your Plan and Accomplish Your Goals
  • Battle Plans: How to Coordinate and Execute Plans and Program

Optimum Organization Skills Program 

Become Able to Organize any Activity Towards Expansion!

Includes 6 Courses:

  • Expanding Your Sphere of Influence
  • The Secret to Increasing Your Survival
  • Overcoming the Barriers to Competence
  • The Secret to Good Leadership
  • Organization 101
  • How to Successfully Organize Any Activity



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The business owner is ultimately responsible for the success of the business and the well-being of its staff. You can have a competent team that turns your vision into reality while achieving survival, expansion and stability. This is accomplished by training your executives.